Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the frequently asked questions, if you encounter any problem on your dashboard, being registration problem, password problem, certificate problem please look through the following FAQs before sending message to support team, We also have videos on youtube to help you resolve your problems while using our platform.

How to become Shareholder

    To become Weownomy Shareholder follow below steps:

  • Request information about the business and understand clearly our business model before investing.
  • We offer Class C shares from R1000.00 and Class B from R10,000.00, Choose your Package
  • Payments can be through Bitcoin on this address 1G72U5upGq9hunVhcjv4AKZgvqapmyuRi6
  • Send your full names and proof of payment to copy
  • Proceed to register on this portal, you will get the certificate from your dashboard once you are confirmed.
How to Reset the password

    To reset your password:

  • Click on Login button
  • Click on I forgot my password
  • Enter your email, click Send me password reset link
  • Login to your email and find password reset message
  • Open that message and click on Reset Password
  • On the loaded screen, enter your email and password
How to track certificate

    To track your certificate:

  • Click on Abount US then Track certificate button on the Home page
  • Enter your ID and Click on search
  • Your certificate information will be loaded
How to Update Banking details

    To update banking details or personal Details:

  • Login to your member portal
  • Click on profile
  • Click on details
  • Under banking details or personal details click on edit details
  • Make changes and click on Save changes button
What to do after getting the certificate

    After getting the certificate:

  • Upload your certificate on your dashboard under KYC and Eligibility
Can I have multiple investment

    Multiple investment?

  • Each person is allowed to have one account
  • IF you decide to invest R2000.00 or more
  • The update will be made by admin on your shares to reflect 20k or more if you paid more
  • Share are sold in multiples of R1000, we do not have R1,200.00 shares but 2k,3k or more.
Can I use somebody's banking details

    For minors or unemployed people without bank accounts

  • Yes you can use somebody's bank account

    What to if I typed my email wrongly

  • Create a ticket on helpdesk
  • Provide the wrong email and the correct one
  • Your email will be updated by support team
Unsuccessfully registered error

    If you are registering and you get the above error:

  • Either your record is already saved, system does not allow duplicates
  • You can check by Track certificate feature, if you can track your certificate then your record was saved
  • If the track certificate feature return error, try to register again and save if you still fail request assistance from support
How do I know I completed the admission in Weownomy

    Summary of the process

  • Make deposit and send POP
  • Register on the website
  • Get the certificate
  • Upload your certificate under KYC
I'm Class C shareholder and want to upgrade to B

    To upgrade to class B

  • Make a deposit of 10k or more
  • Send your POP
  • Register on Class B portal
  • You will recieve shareholder agreement and certificates
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