Date Published: 2021-07-29 21:58:38

Dear Weownomy Co-Owners, there was a problem on all our member platforms today, login and accessing the member portal was not possible for many people due to page expiry error. The team debugged the system and found out that the issue is with storage. The problem is now resolved.

The class D kyc section is currently not showing the documents uploaded and people are therefore uploading documents over and over again taking too much space on the server, please refrain from that, documents will be able to show soon.

Another thing is that people are starting to upload their videos and music on the system also taking too much space on the server, we are working on restricting file types to upload and the minimum file size to upload.

We have also decided to extend the storage and if you can find some documents on your dashboard please do not upload them again, we will restore them as soon as the storage extension is complete.

We now have a live chart on the weownomy member portal which we are trying out and see if we can serve you better, we will soon close WhatsApp for all IT team members and they will only be available on live chart and Helpdesk. Only the front desk staff will be reachable on WhatsApp.


We are aware of complaints of people who created tickets long time ago and they had not been attended to, we are advising everyone to please provide your Full names, Email and ID number when reporting your problem either on live chat or helpdesk, also provide proof of payments if your query is about upgrades, that way it very easy and quick to resolve your issue.

Kind Regards

Your IT Team

On behalf of Weownomy Platform Corporation

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