Date Published: 2021-12-14 17:14:29

Greetings Weownomy Co-owners globally,

 The World's First Crypto Ecosystem with the most innovative Zero Cost Economy

Weownomy is changing the game by integrating its crypto ecosystem with Mubadala Worldwide Co-investment opportunities, Zero Cost Economy and a new upcoming affiliation with United Nations University for billions of funds.

With my recent recorded  zoom meeting  with global investors, I have been requested to work on an investor grade presentation summary to be attached with the video to be presented to a sovereign wealth fund in United Arab Emirates for urgent investment in our crypto ecosystem.

Check out the news link to appreciate the potential of Weownomy crypto ecosystem.

World Peace Tracts is officially getting the sovereign wealth fund on board to invest billion dollars in Zero Cost Economy and social media app.

Thank you for your prayers as we continue to mourn the loss of our beloved revolutionary Olivia and God will reward each one of you who truly believe and understand the business model of Weownomy.

Much Love Always,

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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