Date Published: 2022-01-19 14:00:32

Greetings Weownomy Lifetime Co-owners;

 Get ready for the WEOWNS world to change

You've never seen a coin that doubles in value.

WEOWNS will double more in value to $5 billion in market cap when the WeownomyChat beta version finishes with a price increase by another $5 and after Bitget Listing Global Trading Competition to an all high of $18 upon WeownomyChat App listing on App stores.

All the beta testers will have their own WhatsApp group to recieve new updates. I will share the private group via your email address.

A market cap is simply total value of WEOWNS in the crypto market in respect to its current market price of $1.31.

 WEOWNS means wealth for everyone

10000 WEOWNS were successfully transfered to Weownomy Billionaires Group and they have officially staked 10000 WEOWNS so they qualify for 100,000 WEOWNS.

They are the most disciplined and  creative group in Weownomy ecosystem right now, WEOWNS are fast becoming one of the most popular currencies, not just because they're unique currency of kindness but also because their price is rapidly rising.

The market cap could reach a trilion dollars upon successful WeownomyChat app listing on Google Stores and Apple stores and Zero Cost digital economy.

WEOWNS will be dubbed "the next Bitcoin" because of how it works and it's potential to increase in value over time in particular with WeownomyChat app and Zero Cost digital economy.

 Rewarding Efforts Buy , Hold and Stake WEOWNS 

Our incentive plan rewards people who buy or stake them via Latoken Exchange.

Every time a user stakes their WEOWNS through Latoken will get extra WEOWNS rewards based on your buy, Hold stake participation.

All participants who have sent their proof via buyandholdweowns@weownomy.global will definitely  recieve their rewards.

 1 billion WEOWNS For Zulu Monarchy IFAGUGU LIKAZULU Project 

The board will shortly approve 1 billion WEOWNS with an initial 1297333.20 WEOWNS for the implementation of the proposed funding needs after Bitget listing and WeownomyChat beta testing that will include Zero Cost Housing and promotion of WeownomyChat to 14 million within Zulu Monarchy community.

Christabella our project Manager will oversee Weownomy private sector partnership with Zulu Monarchy.

This is a win-win situation as it benefits all parties by making some progress in solving some problems that will have significant impact on employment generation, poverty reduction as well as gender equality.

Furthermore partnership with Weownomy will make sure 1 billion WEOWNS will complete construction of new Zero Cost housing units, social services centers, educational facilities and other communities amenities as part of the Kingdoms strategy aimed at achieving more inclusive growth through economic empowerment  among disadvantaged groups including women and youth who are not benefiting sufficiently from economic opportunities in rural areas.

The best of your future is now a true reality in 2022;

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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