Planned system Maintenance

Date Published: 2021-08-14 10:28:25



Good morning Weownomy co-owners

Due to an increasing number of new registrations, our servers are experiencing shortage of resources and many of you will agree that lately the whole system was bit slow and unresponsive at times. The IT team has therefore decided to expand the resources of the system and as a result the KYC Section from all the dashboards, Class B, Class C and Class D will not be accessible from today the 14th of August 2021 until the migration of documents to larger storage has been completed. The activity is estimated to take not more than two days since the files are extremely large and will take some time to move.

The system as whole will still be up and all features will still be accessible except that downloading and uploading of documents will be affected. The overall performance of the system is still expected to be slow during this process and immediately when we are done, the system response will be much better. 

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