Date Published: 2021-08-23 13:47:51

Good morning everyone, as promised yesterday during the meeting, the IT team decided to prioritize the upgrade cases where people are upgrading from one class to another, say people who are upgrading from class D to class C and those upgrading from class C to class B. Also, we have people who bought additional shares and the upgrades have not been done on their dashboards. The IT team decided to create an email upgrade@aeexsouthafricaltd.co.za where people can send their upgrade requests and format is very strict, any email which does not contain necessary information will not be attended. We advise the team leaders to compile to list of their down liners who need to be upgraded and make a combined submission, other than having everyone submitting by themselves.

Please make sure you provide the following details when sending the email:

1.      Proof of payment (IF NOT ATTACHED, WE CANNOT UPGRADE)

2.     ID Number

3.     Email

4.     Clearly state if you are upgrading from one class to another or its shares top up.


Notice by the IT office

Weownomy Platform Corporation

Signed by IT Manager:


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