Weowns-User Owned Peer To Peer Crypto Currency

Date Published: 2021-09-06 08:55:59

Hello Weownomy Co-owners;

WEOWNS due dilligence process to trade on SECDEX digital market place is being finalized.

The date will be communicated by SECDEX Exchange in a press release. 

Our count down on https://weowns.global does not exactly mean the trades will start after 56 days but the exact dates will depend on the complete transfer of those who recieved their WEOWNS and onboarding all Co-owners  on our new payments system WeownomyPay.

If this is achieved successfully in time we can have the trades launched in early October. 

September will mainly be a preparation month for October 2021.

I hope my explanation is clear.

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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