Paybito Payments

Date Published: 2021-09-23 09:21:30

Dear Weownomy Co-owners

Weownomy Platform Corporation has come to the realisation that there were shareholders who were not able to paste Venly or Selfkey wallets on their dashboards in time for the first payment process and were therefore paid on paybito.

Those who received their tokens on paybito should send their detailed information to so that they can be paid on the right addresses.

The detailed information should include full names, ID number, email addresses, shares class, numbers of tokens received, ETH addresses. Please also provide your paybito address so that we can verify the amount paid into it.

Please note that we only help those who were paid into paybito. If a shareholder was paid into selfkey or venly wallet address and somehow cannot find the wallet they created, please write to the aforesaid wallets support systems for assistance.


PR Office

Weownomy Platform Corporation


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