Date Published: 2021-09-23 15:17:11

Hello Weownomy Co-owners;

Weownomy is set to go live with payouts in October and it will be the end of an era for many who have been waiting patiently for WEOWNS payouts in cash.

The board  of Weownomy  is to officially launch listener paid program on http://www.mzansifm.online and we urge you to actively begin listening  to Mzanzi Radio station for the official date of WEOWNS Wedding in October and WeownomyChat Promo activities.

We are thankful to almighty God for the tremendous blessings so far accomplished with Weownomy.

WeownomyPay is to go live in October, as it will facilitate the much-needed WEOWNS pay-outs in cash.

The future of Weownomy is brighter.

The best of your future is now a true reality.

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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