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Date Published: 2021-10-02 19:47:31

WEOWNS - the World's First Peoples Crypto Currency.
DELAWARE CITY, Del., October 3, 2021 ( WEOWNS is a cryptocurrency with the goal of being the world's first crypto currency for the people. It allows everyone to build up capital income ownership in an economy that gives more benefits back to those who contribute. WEOWNS can be found on popular decentralized exchange UNISWAP and it will have a payment gateway WeownomyPay released very soon in October 2021.
It is a new coin on the market, designed to be accessible for everyone. It's easy to buy and sell with just about any other cryptocurrency, or even fiat money. With 21 billion coins available in total, 65% of them are owned by the users who can trade them freely on UNISWAP. This means that more people have access to WEOWNS than most other crypto currencies, which in turn will help drive up the price of WEOWNS coins.
The revolutionary nature of this project is in its ability to provide each user with a global debt free personal security program that gives them access to pay off their debt obligations anywhere in the world without having to worry about repayment or interest fees because everything is automatically calculated in real time!
You can enjoy the benefits of owning a crypto currency without paying any fees on transactions. The WEOWNS system will ensure that every member has access to funds at all times, which will also help stimulate economic growth as well as encourage social mobility within society.
The People's Coin is Getting Popular.
Wealth inequality is the single most defining issue of our time. It has led to an unsustainable society, in which personal income lives of people have been created as a response to increasing inequality between rich and poor, widening gaps in society which are largely due to our current economic system that only works for those at the top. Economic instability can lead to numerous problems such as food insecurity, homelessness, unemployment or underemployment; all leading causes of poverty.
In the 21st century, people are still hungry. In a world where more than 1 billion people go to bed
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hungry every night, how can we make their lives better? WEOWNS is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created to help solve this problem. WEOWNS addresses the needs of humanity by focusing on self-sustainability and sustainability as its core values. For those who do not have access to financial services or cannot afford them, they now have access to money at all times.  
The People's Coin is a crypto currency created by the people for the people. This means that it will not be controlled by any one person or group of individuals, but rather it will be governed by the collective decisions of its members. This is an important distinction as WEOWNS is designed to serve all needs, not just those of its founders and contributors. WEOWNS are used to represent what money should always have been - a symbol for our commitment to one another in times of need. WEOWNS seeks to eliminate poverty, hunger, and homelessness. The only way for this coin to exist is if people buy it or use it in their everyday lives which will help more people get on board with WEOWNS so the value increases.
WEOWNS is a self-sustaining, self-reliant and decentralized cryptocurrency. It offers a sustainable alternative to the volatile world of fiat currencies by giving people a more stable option for storing their wealth. The WEOWNS project is designed to be an autonomous economic system that will always increase in value as it becomes more widely used.
The price of WEOWNS is Rising, Get Paid with WeownomyPay.
WEOWNS are up to $92.946778! Now you can get paid with a new payment gateway WeownomyPay for your SWAP trades on UNISWAP.
If someone wants to trade WEOWNS on UNISWAP they can receive their funds via WeownomyPay too. WeownomyPay enables the user to create a wallet with no initial balance and make deposits in fiat or cryptocurrency (such as bitcoin). You can also convert between currencies through WeownomyPay.
Trade WEOWNS on UNISWAP and get paid in fiat currency, Bitcoin or Ether with the new payment gateway WeownomyPay.
WEOWNS- WeownomyChat's Currency, coming soon
The world's first user owned social media app that will adopt WEOWNS in November. WEOWNS will be used as a form of currency on WeownomyChat and Weownomy Web. Get ready for WeownomyChat.
WEOWNS is a new cryptocurrency that's aiming to change the way we interact with social media.
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WEOWNS was created in response to the growing dissatisfaction among users of centralized social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While these platforms have been successful for years, they are now struggling to keep up with their competitors who have taken advantage of blockchain technology. With millions of people using crypto currencies every day, it makes sense that cryptopowered social media would be coming soon.
Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the users of WEOWNS own their data and decide who gets access to it with total control over how much information they share.
The WEOWNS user-owned revenue model allows anyone, anywhere in the world to own and share their content while earning money from it. WEOWNS provides an opportunity for mass adoption of decentralized ownership, ad revenue self-financing audience network model with decentralized monetization opportunities to have more individual freedom and economic independence through using WEOWNS tokens as your global social currency across all races.
The users can have full control over what they post, sell, buy, and trade on WEOWNS without any third party interference. It will also provide decentralized governance where all the members of the network can participate in decision making process. WEOWNS enables advertisers to advertise directly with its audience by using WEOWN token which provides significant cost savings as compared to traditional ad formats such.
The Internet is on the verge of a social media revolution. WEOWNS will be the next evolution in Social Media with its ability to allow users to earn money and manage their own content, rather than give up all control to companies like Facebook and Twitter. The user-owned network allows you-the-user to take back ownership of your data, from which we are seeing more use cases for blockchain technology.
WEOWNS tokens are created for social media users. Thus, the social media users need a more advanced user owned personal network platform with great shared earnings, ad revenue selffinancing audience network model and decentralized to open up new personal income opportunities for the next phase of mass adoption of WEOWNS tokens.
The future of WEOWNS is not just the new frontier in Social Media, but also the next phase of mass adoption as it provides an innovative solution for users who want to monetize their own content by earning through both viewing and sharing others' posts. Moreover, WEOWNS will create an opportunity for all investors, social media users and those who wish to participate in this.
WEOWNS is The World's first token backed by the People
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The WEOWNS currency is the latest trend in the evolution of money. It has many features that are more favorable than its predecessors. The first thing to note about WEOWNS is that it is backed by people, rather than a bank or government, which provides more credibility and stability.
Secondly, WEOWNS offer safety and financial empowerment for everyone without bank accounts by making it possible for people who do not have access to traditional banking services such as credit cards or checking accounts use an alternative payment method which they control themselves.
WEOWNS is a new kind of currency that believes in the power of kindness. The value of a WEOWNS is derived from the collective agreement and effort to establish it as a currency for goodwill: its credibility. It's more divisible, transferable, and scarce than any other alternative we know about today. And it's backed by people; "We believe that WEOWNS will be an effective tool for us to share our generosity with one another and make this world a better place", Says CEO Weownomy Ssemakula Peter Luyima.
WEOWNS will be more powerful than Bitcoin. The most important thing in crypto currency is its economic value, and this value needs to be measured against how it can benefit people and society.
WEOWNS is a new cryptocurrency designed to reward people for doing good in their communities. "We are at an important time in history where we need to think about how money should be used," said Semakula. "If Bitcoin can be mined without care or thought for others, then why not do something different?" Semakula continued, saying that WEOWNS is not just another token but rather the currency of kindness.
WEOWNS is a new currency that was created to address the shortcomings of Bitcoin. WEOWNS is designed to be used as an incentive for people who want to do good in their communities, not just mine bitcoins. WEOWNS incentivizes entrepreneurs and users to act with kindness towards one another by building trust through commitments made. This means that any user or entrepreneur who follows the precept should generally be expected to be more successful than otherwise, because they will have earned more WEOWNS.
World Peace Tracts and Pan African Peoples Alliance to Partner with WEOWNS
In an effort to solve poverty and economic challenges necessary to create a sustainable, green, people-friendly economic development by building African continent economy for the people, by the people. 20% of the total 21 Billion WEOWNS has been allocated to World Peace Tracts and Pan African Peoples Alliance who have both agreed to dedicate these funds towards building an economy
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for all Africans and to facilitate cross-border trade, financial transactions, and investment in projects, employment creation and building of an Africa that is free from poverty and war related problems.
WEOWNS is the digital currency that will power Africa's economy, providing Africans with an opportunity to move out of poverty and into prosperity. WEOWNS is a revolutionary new digital currency developed by Ssemakula Peter Luyima for Africa's economic development in an age where there are no safe alternatives to store value or make payments. With WEOWNS, Africans can access international markets without borders while bypassing issues like corruption and low-value exchange rates.
WEOWNS is a new currency that was created to address the shortcomings of Bitcoin. WEOWNS is designed to be used as an incentive for people who want to do good in their communities, not just mine bitcoins. WEOWNS incentivizes entrepreneurs and users to act with kindness towards one another by building trust through commitments made. This means that any user or entrepreneur who follows the precept should generally be expected to be more successful than otherwise, because they will have earned more WEOWNS.
About Weownomy
Weownomy Platform Corporation, Incorporated in the State of Delaware is launching a subscription based, open and participatory platform. A new redefined social network that facilitates people's participation in the democratic process of defining their own rules for their future, generating an ownership structure where every person has rights to share in the proceeds generated by this new economy and hence true economic equality.
Ssemakula Peter Luyima
President and CEO
Weownomy Platform Corporation
Source: Weownomy Platform Corporation
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