Weowns a broad phenomenon

Date Published: 2021-10-02 19:56:22

Hello Weownomy Co-owners;

October has arrived and the month WEOWNS becomes a global reality.

Here is what you need to know this Oct,  2021.

1) The Future of Wealth has Arrived with the currency to empower people across the world is officially ready to pay tens and thousands of people to start with 30000 people plus.

2) Paying through WEOWNOMYPAY is a snap. No need for complex crypto wallets, complicated transaction fees, endless confirmation times- simpky enter the amount you want to send or withdrawal and hit "send or withdrawal"-that's all there is to it! The platform readiness is progressing on well.

3) Transparent and equitable coin for Everyone.

Weownomypay will facilitate direct crypto-fiat conversion.

4) WEOWNS press release is today going live. WEOWNS are upto $92

5) WEOWNS Listeners: Get paid for listening.

Officially effective WEOWNS Listener Paid Program has been launched on Mzansi Radio station.

Fill the form to get paid for listening and for your participation in our live programs http://www.mzansifm.online/Listeners.html

Paying you is our goal. Weownomy has partnered with Mzansi Radio station to offer listeners the opportunity to be rewarded in the form of WEOWNS when they listen and participate in live shows on air.

Listeners can earn up to $2000 per month by simply tuning into Mzanzi Radio station online or on mobile devices.

We pay you when you listen! Earn real money.

For every hour of program time that you listen live, we will credit your account with WEOWNS tokens-enough to buy your favorite desired items at any major chain stpre in South Africa or in other countries.

If the current topic is interesting enough for you, then why not make it more interactive by calling into the show? You'll be paid more than just for listening.

Unlike other radio stations, where the hosts are more or less forced to do their jobs, at Mzansi Radio station it is the listeners who make the show happen-and they get paid for it.

The best of your future is now a true reality.

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX 

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