Update on congratulatory letters and planned system maintenance

Date Published: 2021-10-06 11:52:19

Dear Weownomy co-owners

In our last meeting on 03rd October 2021, the CEO promised that around 30 000 shareholders will receive their congratulatory letters on the 06th of October 2021 and the IT team worked on the letters to make them downloadable from the dashboards.

The process was completed, and the letters are available on the dashboards as promised. The only issue remaining is for people who bought multiple Class B and Class C which the IT team is working on and immediately when it is done, we will communicate it.

The member portal https://weownomymembers.global is currently not accessible at the moment and the IT team is working tirelessly to restore it so everyone can access their letters as confirmed above.

Another important information is that the IT team has decided to host meetings on Saturdays starting from 09th October 2021. The purpose of the meetings will be:

To explain the business model of Weownomy Platform, What is Weownomy Platform?

To educate our shareholders on the proper use of member portal

To address commonly asked questions and their answers

We will also have a questions and answers session so that on Sunday’s meetings we don’t have people asking questions not related to the presentation. 

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