Update on congratulatory letters and system availability 07 Oct 2021

Date Published: 2021-10-07 08:30:34

Good morning Weownomy co-owners

The IT team wishes to clarify few issues that are causing confusion on the groups. The first issue is the system availability, yesterday we had a problem with our servers due to too many concurrent connections that were going to the server. We had to scale up the servers again since everybody wanted to download their letters. The process was completed with success and we apologies for the inconvenience caused by the down time.

Second issue is with the letters, there was a mix up where the class B people got the class C letters with 224 Weowns and the class C got the class B letters with 2240 Weowns. The error was rectified, and everybody can now download the correct letters from the system.

The third issue is with people who paid for multiple class B or Class C or those with class B and class C shares. At the moment all the class B letters display the same number of Weowns which is 2240 regardless of how much was invested and the same applies to class C which all shows 224 Weowns. The IT team is aware of the issue, and we are working on it and as soon as it is tested and ready to live we will make an announcement and everyone will download the letters showing the weowns that correspond to their investments.

The last issue is with the AEEX Members, we are also aware that the letters are not available on your dashboards, and we wanted to make sure that everything is completed and tested before we put them on your side. As soon as we are done probably by close of business today you should be able to download the letters. There is a plan to migrate all AEEX members to Weownomy portal so we can manage all Weownomy issues on one portal and the AEEX portal should only deal with AEEX related matters.

We kindly request that people should not open tickets or write to our emails with issues about the letters until we complete the process.

Kind Regards

PR Office Weownomy Platform

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