Weowns mass kindness currency press coming up on 15th October

Date Published: 2021-10-14 21:19:42

Greetings Weownomy Co-owners;

I trust that you are happy and excited after my Mzansi Radio station CEO interview, but more importantly, am delighted to announce the next release of a global press release on the 15th of October 2021 called "WeownomyPay: Turning WEOWNS into a Mass Currency of kindness".

What does it mean to be a co-owner of Weownomy? How do you want to use your desired success as a Weownomy owner? 

Weownomy is all about turning what used to be called your "current struggles and suffering" into a new WEOWNS economy for everyone.

The time has come to actualize the best of what you are about to become.

The purpose is to make it easier for us all to live compassionately.

The world has never been more in need of a "kindness currency" that is for everyone.

The best of your future is now a true reality.

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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