Latest updates on Weownomy, Bitcoin ABC and CNN appearance

Date Published: 2021-07-28 22:17:18

I am personally excited with what I am about to share with you today in my official letter. 

Weownomy is scheduled to appear on CNN edition and before you will be required to each be allocated BITCOIN ABC rebranding to ecash coin. More will be shared in our Zoom meeting this Saturday.

Every Class C shareholder will be issued 192 Bitcoin ABC with an additional ecash coins.

The great news, the price of Bitcoin ABC is about to increase to $56.42 with the contract swap with Weownomy WISEBITCOIN.

Class B will be allocated each 2000 BITCOIN ABC with an additional ecash coins.

1 BITCOIN ABC gets you 1 million ecash coin. The contract swap with Weownomy at WISEBITCOIN will result in ecash coins trading value to increase from 28 cents to 1 USD.

What this means you can for example as Class C shareholder convert 92 BITCOIN ABC to ecash coins for free and get 92 million ecash before the contract swap on the 18th August.

On the 18th August the contract swap value for ecash coins will be $1. 

BOOM you'll have $92 million but still you'll only be allowed to earn you R80000+ to avoid shareholders dumping alot of coins in the market and more so to make sure we maintain a stable value of ecash above $1.

Weownomy content creators and users will be paid in BITCOIN ABC and ecash coin.

Shortly I am sharing the draft Weownomy content partnership agreements for your perusal.

Stay excited;

Ssemakula Peter Luyima CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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