Date Published: 2021-11-10 09:21:08

Good morning Weownomy Co-owners;

WeownomyChat and Free Marketplace launch Nov 26th with $500 million in tokens for users who hold WEOWNS  at the time of the launch.

A marketplace where people can buy anything they want without spending any money. The  newly formed Free Marketplace and social media app will be worth $500 Million USD in WEOWNS tokens at launch time on November 26th.

You will never need to pay for anything ever again

The Free Marketplace will have everything from virtual goods yo physical products. It's the only place where you can buy things without spending any money or use your earned WeownomyChat coins to purchase items from any store at Free Marketplace.

 Airdrop with over $500 Million WEOWNS tokens will be a global perfect launch.

The first ever $500 Million global airdrop will give millions of people starting with our own Class B, C, D, A including social media users, business section entities,  remittance transaction users and global communities.

WEOWNS Airdrops website will go LIVE with a press release to officially launch the airdrop.

I will make an annoucement once the domain is ready to go live. Make sure you share with many social media users on your Facebook and other social media platforms that you have, about a social-tech goalith WeownomyChat.

The airdrop will require everyone to download WeownomyPay and WeownomyChat in both Google and Apple store.

This will create an overnight price surge which will see eye valuation in the tens of billions and the much desired swap payouts as we welcome our own WeownomyChat and World's Free Marketplace. 

Our IT team is working tirelessly to have WeownomyPay as per their updates shared with you to go live on Apple's and Google store as well WeownomyChat global team are also processing the upload of Weownomy Chat on Google Play and Apple store.

Your patience and enthusiasm will be highly appreciated.

You are already RICHER than you can imagine possible. Just allow the process to be accomplished and we gonna celebrate BIG.

 The new world order of communication has arrived

It's time to take back control from corporations  who board our data and use it against us while paying nothing in return.

With WeownomyChat, we are making sure the power is back with YOU- because YOU are WEOWNOMY too! 

That means this isn't just about chatting alone- it's about connecting communities all over the world, making life easier by supporting sustainable personal income lives through micro transactions powered by WEOWNS rather than relying on donations alone as well as being able to finally be your own boss.

Finally, Let us unite and embrace the joyous new social economic revolution with kindness and gratitude and avoid any suchlike negative behavior.

The world is officially ready to onboard and welcome WeownomyChat and Free Marketplace launch Nov 26th. It will be big day for you, your families and global communities.

The best of your future is now a true reality.

Much Love Always;

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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