Date Published: 2021-11-11 19:59:34

Greetings Weownomy Co-owners;

I salute you and much love always to each one of you.

 Huawei listing of WeownomyPay is complete , Google and Apple stores are next.

Weownomy community requires to exercise patience as we can only go ahead with the scheduled airdrops after we have WeownomyPay on Google Play and Apple store.

Huawei has only listed South Africa in Africa. The IT team have requested them to include all African nations in our app listing which means more African countries will be able to purchase or sell WEOWNS with fiat currency.

For now all co-owners are requested to still be patient as we wait for Google Play and Apple store to list our app and Huewai to include more countries in order to successfully launch our airdrops of WEOWNS with swap payouts.

Additional WeownomyChat  release features and new website will be showcased in our Zoom meeting this Sunday.

Furthermore, I am happy to welcome Eskom to ZERO Cost Marketplace as a result of  Joel Matgebula and Bongiwe Sosibo Weownomy Co-owners from South Africa.

This is BIG and am finalizing an entry-level PILOT solution to end load shedding in South Africa. Thanks to disruptive entrepreneurial mindset Co-owners.

 Free Zero Cost Marketplace solution to end load shedding in South Africa 

This is a solution that does not need any government funding or subsidizing of the load shedding problem.

Eskom's gross debt is R402.8 billion, municipal debt is R39 billion and we we have a solution to end load shedding in South Africa for all people in South Africa with no cost burden on government and without any payment for consumers through a Zero Cost Marketplace model that can make Eskimo self-supporting by delivering power at zero energy cost to municipalities which will be able to affordably buy using our Zero Cost Marketplace proposal because they don't need more investment in power purchase as Zero Cost Marketplace will enable Eskom to deliver power at zero energy cost without any charge or monthly fees like as is currently, meaning 9 provinces monthly expenditure becomes ZERO instead of many thousands per month and totally free electricity to the consumer.

The economic upside of generating revenue while also saving costs at the same time by giving entrepreneurs access to reliable electricity for their businesses which will grow employment opportunities in a country where unemployment rates are high- as a result of Covid pandemic.

The Free Zero Cost Marketplace solution is a radical departure from current models of economic development, providing electricity for all citizens, rather than just those who can afford it or are connected to renewable sources of energy like solar panels.

It creates a direct link between citizens demand  for goods and services with their need for power- giving them the ability they need now more than ever.

 Zero Cost Marketplace innovative can eliminate load shedding in South Africa by making Eskom self-supporting so they don't have to borrow money anymore, which will help lower consumer power bill to ZERO.

We can eliminate load shedding by enabling a Zero Cost WEOWNS liquidity solution that can  be deployed for all marketplaces, farmers, healthcare, manufacturers and distributors of goods and services in South Africa while making Eskom self-supporting 

 More initiatives for Zero Cost Marketplace .

I am studying other very great proposals which will share with you and more so housing marketplace.

Pride of Africa Diamond initiative that could change the dating space globally with a new unique experience that'll reward couples who are creatively committed with FREE conflict free diamond and package of lifetime.

More information about WEOWNS in the dating space globally with Pride of Africa Diamond to be unveiled.

WEOWNS will touch every important part of your life and global communities and commerce.

The launch of social tech goalith WeownomyChat is now a global reality and  for your lifetime financial freedom.

Ssemakula Peter Luyima
CEO and World Peace Ambassador Weownomy Platform Corporation and AEEX

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