Date Published: 2021-11-27 13:53:20

Dear Weownomy Co-owners

The IT team urges every co-owner to check and update all their details to the correct one especially on banking details the WeoenomyPay wallet addresses. 

The reason being is that tomorrow midnight there will be a planned system lock, Shareholders will not be able to update and edit anything on their dashboards. This is to avoid the queries of co-owners saying their details have been changed.

On one hand, the staking fee verifications are still in process, the first batch of stake fees is  under the verification process. You are urged to please be patient and know that all the batches of people who have paid the stake fee will be verified. 

Please note that if your status says "not received" yet you have completed the process of paying, wait for your payment to be verified do not pay again.

The best of your future is now a true reality.

Kind Regards

PR and IT Offices Weownomy Platform Corporation

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